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Implicit objects in JSP

Implicit objects in jsp are the objects that are created by the container automatically and the container makes them available to the developers, the developer do not need to create them explicitly. Since these objects are created automatically by the container and are accessed using standard variables; hence, they are called implicit objects. The implicit objects are parsed by the container and inserted into the generated servlet code. They are available only within the jspService method and not in any declaration. Implicit objects are used for different purposes. Our own methods (user defined methods) can't access them as they are local to the service method and are created at the conversion time of a jsp into a servlet. But we can pass them to our own method if we wish to use them locally in those functions.

There are nine implicit objects. Here is the list of all the implicit objects: 

Object Class
application javax.servlet.ServletContext
config javax.servlet.ServletConfig
exception java.lang.Throwable
out javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter
page java.lang.Object
PageContext javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext
request javax.servlet.ServletRequest
response javax.servlet.ServletResponse
session javax.servlet.http.HttpSession


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