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Java application to integrate Twitter-api

Twitter a microblogging service is getting more and more popular these  days. A lot of developers are involved to develop applications on its  API. Two weeks ago I click with a very basic idea and being as a matter of learning I started working on it. I have finished more than 80% of the work. I deployed the application on Google App Engine (I hope you are familiar with it).
I used Twitter4J lib a Java wrapper for Twitter API.
If you are also interested in Twitter based app development in Jave, then this tutorial will be helpful for you. Feel free to add comments at the end of the post, I will love to reply.
Things you require for developmentEclipse IDEGoogle App Engine SDKA Twitter accountTwitter4J APIjava-twitter-0.9-SNAPSHOT.jarThings you need to know before you start-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Desktop java Application for integrating twitter-api

System Requirement: Jdk 1.5 or later OR ecli…