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Struts 2 - struts tag with boolean property

Struts 2 - struts tag <s:if test= "booleanVaue" > with boolean property

Always remember two points --

1) Check your bean (.java) file for getter, setter for boolean type value
  private boolean isTest;
  private boolean hasCheck;

   public boolean isTest() {
        return isTest;

    public void setTest(boolean isTest) {
        this.isTest= isTest;

public boolean isHasCheck() {
        return hasCheck;
    public void setHasCheck(boolean hasCheck) {
        this.hasCheck= hasCheck;

On a jsp page if you are using these two variables in a <s:if> conditions

<s:if test="isTest">
// This will not work, will always return blank value as isTest is conflicting with getter method isTest();

<s:if test="hasCheck">
// This will work whatever the value you have set from action