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Best way to Format a Double value to nth Decimal places in Java

Best way to Format a Double value to nth Decimal places in Java
public static double getDoubleValue(String value,int digit){
        double i=0;
         try {
             DecimalFormat digitformat = new DecimalFormat("#.##");
            return Double.valueOf(digitformat.format(Double.parseDouble(value)));

        } catch (NumberFormatException numberFormatExp) {
            return i;   

Append option into a select using jquery

You can use jquery to append data from select from a array of data. See the java script function where you can pass the dataArray like dataArray=["A","B"] and elementId , means the id attribute of your select element;

      if(dataArray !=null && dataArray.length>0){
            .append('<option value="-1">Select Creative Size</option>');

          $.each(dataArray, function( index, value ) {   
                $('#'+elementId).append(new Option(value, value));

Fusion table layer: data may be still loading

On hitting fusion table layer on Maps, it says data may be still loading

Answer: Check your query syntex, new query syntex is as given below with an example
(Non numeric fields must be enclosed with '' quotes)
function fetchDataFromFusionTable(){

          var fusionOptions = {

              query: {
                select: 'Geometry',
                //from: "1QTnVfSO-agR4ueOAVa-uUzYrmNwE4DQ6l0e22EA",
                from: "1Fhnl0uOC3Ol3rMHI5FQIiTDIP3gw7QbRjldvFgY",
                where: " 'Start_Date' >= '"+startDate+"' AND 'End_Date' <= '"+endDate+"' " +
                        " AND  'DMA_Code' >0 " //'Start_Date >= '+startDate+' 00:00:00'

            styles: [{

                  where: 'Available_Impressions > 0 AND Available_Impressions <= 1000',
                  polygonOptions: {