appengine:devserver_stop not working in Windows 8/eclipse

If you have added appengine:devserver_stop in eclipse as a debug goal in maven goals and still you are not able to stop the server then you can manually close the server on given port.

Let's take an example that your server is running on 8080 that you want to stop.

1) Open command line prompt:
   netstat -a -n -oYou will get following output......
 Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID
 TCP                LISTENING       700
 TCP                LISTENING       4
 TCP              LISTENING       432
 TCP              LISTENING       756
 TCP              LISTENING       788
 TCP              LISTENING       548
 TCP              LISTENING       540
 TCP              LISTENING       4
 TCP     ESTABLISHED     1396
 TCP              LISTENING       2004

Note the PID, and give second command as below.
Suppose you have PID= 2004 then enter following command
2)  Taskkill /PID 2004 /F

It will stop the process.


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