DB2 Query::SQL 0973N

SQL0973N Not enough storage is available in the "PCKCACHESZ" heap to process the request..


1. db2 disconnect DATABASENAME

2. db2 "update db cfg for DATABASENAME using app_ctl_heap_sz 25000"

3. db2 "update db cfg for DATABASENAME using applheapsz 25000"

4. db2 "update db cfg for DATABASENAME using locklist 60000"

5. db2 "update db cfg for DATABASENAME using LOGFILSIZ 10000"

// DATABASENAME is your database name....Please edit these SQL Commands by replacing DATABASENAME with your actual database name

now Go to path
cd /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/bnd

then run the command as it is.

6. db2 connect to DATABASENAME

7. db2 "bind db2clipk.bnd blocking all grant public clipkg 30"

8. db2 "commit"

Now ........

db2 terminate

db2stop force


Now you will not find this problem............................

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