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Facebook JavaScript API: Invite facebook friends

This is the JavaScript code to invite facebook friends (Posting message to their wall)

function inviteFBFriend(friend_id,invitation_message){
var opts = {
             message : invitation_message,
             name : 'Hello User',
             description : 'Facebook is great!',
             picture : ''

FB.api('/'+friend_id+'/feed', 'post', opts , function(response) {
       if (!response || response.error) {
alert('Error occured');
       } else {
           alert('Post ID: ' +;


Facebook JavaScript API: Get Facebookfriends name and pictures

Add this coe to body element of your html file.....

<div id="findAllFriends">
    <div id="fb-root"></div>
    <div class="fb_login_user_status">
        <a class="fb_button fb_button_medium">
            <span id="fb-auth" class="fb_button_text">Log In with Facebook</span>
     <div class="fbUser" id="user-info"></div
    <div id="friendslistFB" >
       <table id="fbFriends" width="100%" border="0" >

/**** Java Script code ********/

var facebookAppId='your facebook app id';
window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
  FB.init({ appId: facebookAppId, 
   status: true, 
   cookie: true,
   xfbml: true,
   oauth: true});

  function updateButton(response) {
    var button = document.getElementById('fb-auth');
    if (respons…

OGNL in struts2: and

Access value form <s:iterator> into <s:if> (ognl with <s:if> and <s:iterator>)

For example: Suppose loadUserList is the itertaor(containing UserName and Address ) to be iterate on jsp,

<s:if test="loadUserList != null && loadUserList.isEmpty()">
  <s:iterator value="loadUserWalksResults" status="rowStatus">

UserName:<s:property escape="false" value="userName" />
Address:<s:property escape="false" value="address" />
<s:if test='userName.equals("Admin")'>This is admin User</s:if>
<s:else>This is not an admin user!</s:else>

Struts 2 : Tag with status object

The <s:iterator> tag is widely used on UI (jsp)  to iterate some collection returned by any action.

<table class="facebookFriendList">
   <tr class="even">
   <s:iterator value="facebookFriendList" status="rowStatus">
     <tr class="<s:if test="rowStatus.odd == true ">odd</s:if><s:else>even</s:else>">
         <td><s:property value="userName" /></td>
         <td><s:property value="profileImageURL" /></td>

We use the iterator tag to iterator over the collections. See OGNL expression #statusName.

Properties of the IteratorStatus object.
NameReturn TypeDescription